We perceive that there is significant knowledge gap between research and practice in the fields of transport planning and transport modelling. Our aim is to narrow this gap by conducting applied research projects and bringing the latest approaches for research into planning practice.

We collaborate with research universities, government agencies, transport operators, planning consultancies and urban planners.

Our key fields of interest are urban mobility, with a focus on walking and cycling, digital planning approaches and data-driven planning.

Our methodological competences include various survey techniques including stated preference, spatial analysis, GIS data management, transport modelling, agent-based transport simulation, data science and virtual reality.


Founded in July 2016, we are very happy to already be engaged in a series of projects. Soon, we will publish more information on some of those projects on our website. For now, a teaser:

We support one of the leading urban design offices with our transport expertise for the development of a major urban masterplan in Singapore.

We advise a major Swiss transport operator about the opportunities that come with harnessing  Big Data to understand mobility patterns and applying the latest transport modelling approaches.

We lead a research project on the potential of walking in Swiss agglomerations. Together with the HSLU, we consult the Swiss Federal Office of Spatial Development (ARE) with our expertise in conducting stated preference surveys.

We support a transport planning consultancy to develop a mobility concept for a fast growing campus of a pharmaceutical company.



Alex Erath
Alex ErathCEO
Dr Alexander Erath is co-founder and CEO of Erveco and currently based in Switzerland. He is also a Pricincipal Investigator at the Future Cities Laboratory (FCL) of the Singapore-ETH Centre, where he is responsible for the Engaging Mobility group. His main research interests are surveying and modelling of travel behaviour such as quantifying the impact of the built environment on mobility and transport demand modelling. His most recent research projects include gauging the potential for walking in Swiss agglomerations, measuring walkability in Singapore’s city centre based on pedestrian behaviour and the development of MATSim Singapore, an agent-based transport simulation model.
Michael van Eggermond
Michael van EggermondCTO
Dr Michael van Eggermond is co-founder and CTO of Erveco and currently based in Singapore. He is also a senior researcher at the Future Cities Laboratory (FCL) of the Singapore-ETH Centre. Here he contributed to the implementation of the agent-based transport model MATSim, investigating housing choice in Singapore and was involved in measuring the walkability of Singapore city centre in close collaboration with URA.
His main interests are the measurement of a cities diversity, density and accessibility with novel data sources, the outcomes of these measures on traveler behavior and the transfer of research to practice.

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